What possibilities does it offer?

These modules will allow to:

  • Create all the services in destination that you want for your project.
  • Manage the contents as descriptions and photographs of your own products loaded in the system.
  • Integrate your system with service suppliers in destination through its XML interface.
  • Customize the distribution rules for each of your customers: prices, allotments, taxes, cancellation policies and sales conditions.
  • Sell with immediate confirmation or upon request products and services such as transfers, tours, excursions, tickets and travel insurance, among others.

In addition, if you have the Dynamic Packages module you can package them together with other products.

Room Mapping
Room Mapping

How does Ground Services work?

  • Product loading: all inventory is entered on the platform (transfers, travel insurance, tickets, excursions, etc.)

  • Configuration of the product: adjustment of the parameters through the various configuration screens

  • Sale: The availability of the products through the different channels of distribution (web, webservice or call center) to make them available to the client.

  • If you also have the Ground Handling module, you can manage and organize requests for transfers and excursions, assigning them efficiently to vehicles, ground service personnel and guides. In this way, you will optimize your daily operations, controlling it in a single system.

What advantages does it bring to your business?

  • Load your own product in a simple and agile way to distribute it through the different distribution channels.
  • Manage efficiently the services provided.
  • Fully control your costs and profit margins, thanks to the multiple functionalities of these modules.
Room Mapping